Dedicated Processing Line For Head On

GVR is facilitated with a dedicated process and production line that includes

  • An exclusive material receiving area with online washing, grading, freezing, and packing
  • An exclusive team for handling all stages of process like sourcing, transportation, washing, grading, freezing and packing
  • The process cycle of this product is only 1.5 hour, right from harvest to packing

Cooking Line

GVR also has an exclusive cooking line, that includes

  • Marel, a German make IQF freezer with full line cooker, followed by a chiller, spiral freezer and double glazer of 1MT/hour capacity
  • An automatic packing machine with multi-head weighing unit


  • Equipped with automatic packing machine with multi-head weighing unit
  • Online packing line with metal detectors


  • Cold storage with palletized system of 3000 MT capacity.
  • Packing material storage of 3000 square feet area.