Sagar Grandhi Exports Pvt Ltd
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Sagar Grandhi Exports Pvt Ltd
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Delivering Quality Seafood Consistently


Delivering Quality Seafood Consistently

About Us

GVR Group established in 1965, with its ground work and vast experience, has developed great strength in sourcing raw material and in turn achieved its position in domestic and international markets. Located in the enriched region of aquaculture in Andhra Pradesh, India, We have grown over the years to become one of India's leading establishments in the seafood industry. Being in the seafood industry we have adapted to the changing demands, trends and processes, and in turn helped us provide our customers with high- quality service and products. It has made us to anticipate, grasp and respond to the needs of various global markets. In our business, trust needs to be earned through perseverance, commitment and performance which is adapted by our group.

Strategic Location

GVR is strategically located at Chittedu, Nellore Dist, Andhra Pradesh which is famed as Star Zone. This region is the major source for our raw material that cultivates ~7,000 hectors produces ~ 100,000 MT per year The staggering number of farms under our umbrella helps us in responding to global demands consistently. Our location also places us in a strong position to ship the material on-time as we are Just 60 miles away from two key sea ports: Chennai and Krishnapatnam.

Our 3Q Principle

GVR employs a 3Q Principle, wherein the collection of the shrimp, transportation to the plant, grading, processing, packing and dispatch takes only five hours that retains the freshness and texture of the produce. We are the only seafood processing company in India to adopt this system that gives us a huge leverage.


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